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The companies of OneAmerica keep their promises to insurance and financial services customers by maintaining financial strength. They put long-term financial security ahead of short-term profits, demonstrating two of their guiding values: integrity and stewardship. They have favorable recognition for their overall strength from A.M. Best Company and Standard and Poor’s Global Ratings, the industry’s leading credit rating agencies. These agencies provide independent, third-party evaluations of financial strength and claims paying ability. Ratings are under continuous review and subject to change and/or re-affirmation. OneAmerica thrives throughout challenging economic times, and continually outperforms peers by responsibly managing their investments. For more than 140 years, millions of Americans have trusted OneAmerica.

Did You Know

Did You Know

The million dollar annuity strategy is intended to help people maximize the value of their nonqualified deferred annuities that are earmarked as their “health care emergency fund”.  By simply repositioning the annuity into a Pension Protection Act annuity, we can transform tax-deferred growth into tax-free money when used to fund an extended healthcare need.  And, this can work up to the age of 85.

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Existing Policies. If your client has an existing policy, please contact us immediately. Timing is important. We will help you assess your client’s needs, the current policy, and the marketplace for options that could position your client into a more favorable and suitable product offering.

Need Help? Our experts are here to help you with rates, products, and coverage questions. Please contact us for assistance.

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