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American Equity

American Equity

American Equity has been recognized by A.M. Best Company and Standard and Poor’s Rating Services for their commitment to sound business principles and financial strength. These ratings reflect their integrity and stability in the insurance industry as well as investment quality, policy reserves, capital adequacy, cost control and management experience. American Equity has nationwide coverage, multiple product offerings, and comprehensive riders to boost, protect, or lengthen income for policyholders.

Did You Know

Did You Know

Asset Shield 5 fixed indexed annuity can protect principal and interest credits while maintaining the opportunity for growth. Indexed annuities are fixed annuities that provide an opportunity to earn more interest than traditional fixed annuities and other safe money alternatives.

-This is done by basing interest earned on an increase in an equity index.
-The crediting method used can be chosen on each contract anniversary.

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Existing Policies. If your client has an existing policy, please contact us immediately. Timing is important. We will help you assess your client’s needs, the current policy, and the marketplace for options that could position your client into a more favorable and suitable product offering.

Need Help? Our experts are here to help you with rates, products, and coverage questions. Please contact us for assistance.

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American Equity

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