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Lincoln Financial is consistently recognized for their commitment and financial stewardship with strong ratings from A.M. Best Company, Standard and Poor’s, Fitch Ratings, and Moody’s Investor Service. Founded in 1905 with the endorsement of Abraham Lincoln’s son, Robert Todd Lincoln, Lincoln Financial Group is the first and only company to carry Abraham Lincoln’s name, image and ideals at the heart of their brand. For more than a century, they’ve advanced President Lincoln’s inclusive vision and values by building an honest, dependable financial services company. They’re dedicated to helping Americans secure better, more optimistic futures for themselves and their loved ones.

Did You Know

Did You Know

A year ago, Lincoln launched the S&P 500 Performance Trigger option inside of the OptiBlend FIA and the results are outstanding!!  The initial OptiBlend 5 Performance Trigger Rate on 8/22/22 was 7.75%, here’s how effective that strategy was:

As of  8/22/23 close:

-S&P 500 1-yr return: 3.76%
-OptiBlend 5 Performance Trigger return: 7.75%

As of  10/13/23 the rates have improved:

-S&P 500 1-yr return: 10.70%
-OptiBlend 5 Performance Trigger return: 9.35%


These are HUGE increases!  Consider using a combination of indexing strategies to potentially increase your clients interest credits.


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